Insultex House Wrap®

House Wrap and Insulation Wrapped Into One

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What is Insultex House Wrap®?

It is a multi-ply weatherization membrane that provides a protective layer under a building’s outer covering that resists water and air infiltration, preventing mold and mildew buildup that could cause structural rotting. What differentiates Insultex™ from its competition is the fact that it offers an R-Value, the term used to measure thermal resistance, and is most commonly used when referring to the insulating qualities of a building structure, thus increasing energy efficiency.

Insultex™ is a revolutionary structured cellular fabric that incorporates countless evacuated closed micro-cells that significantly reduce heat transfer through the fabric. Insultex™ is the newest thermal insulation on the market promising to revolutionize insulation as we know it from outerwear, tents, boots, sleeping bags, coolers and now house wrap, just to name a few.


Insultex House Wrap® is
Water and Moisture-Resistant, Air and Wind-Resistant,
& UV-Resistant

Insultex protects against water intrusion that could get behind the exterior cladding which in turn can cause mold, mildew and rotting. Insultex will increase comfort in a building structure by reducing drafts and increasing its efficiency. UV inhibitors are blended into the polymeric material to protect it from harmful ultraviolet degradation.

Insultex House Wrap® protective layer is an evacuated closed-cell polyethylene composite with superior drainage and R-Value. This certified product meets or exceeds the competitions’ performance with respect to wind, air and water-resistance, moisture vapor permeability, and durability.

Insultex House Wrap® can be applied behind any exterior cladding for commercial and residental construction.

Including: EIFS & Stucco, Cement, Hardboard, Vinyl, Wood Sidings, Brick, and Stone Veneer.
R-6 Value Insulation

Superior Thermal Resistance for easily-controlled internal environmental temperatures.

Easy Installation

Easily bends around corners and lies flat on uneven surfaces. It is lightweight and can be easily cut for fast, efficient installation.

No air-gap required during installation.

Can be applied behind any exterior claddings for commercial and residential construction:

-EIFS and Stucco
-Cement, Hardboard, Vinyl and Wood Sidings
-Brick and Stone Veneer.

Superior Drainage

Insultex easily sheds water via an integrated drainage system. It also passes the Drainage Efficiency Test in accordance with Section 4.10 of ICC ES AC235.


Why Choose Us?

Insultex House Wrap® is made from Low Density Polyethylene. Insultex™ is the ultimate high performance alternative to other building insulation products and housewraps. Being pliable, thin, waterproof, and having an exceptional R-value, contractors and builders now choose to implement Insultex into their products because the insulation provides their products with the high thermal insulation performance without the bulk associated with many insulation products. Contractors and builders can laminate, perforate, and sew Insultex™, making it an extremely versatile material.

R-Value Tested

The majority of extensive testing has been conducted by an independent certified laboratory using an accreditation agency-approved modified ASTM-C518 protocol. Other relevant thermal tests were conducted by accredited, independent materials testing laboratories.

Water & Air Resistant

Protects the structure from water damage and wind intrusion.

UV Resistant

Insultex House Wrap is not affected by the sun's UV rays.

Moisture Vapor Permeability

Insultex House Wrap is moisture vapor-protective but breathable. Insulation should act as a barrier to keep moisture out of your home. Water and moisture can sneak in behind the barrier of your exterior cladding. Insultex offers superior water resistance, protecting against rotting and other water damage. Insultex also offers moisture permeability, which allows moisture from inside your home to permeate to the exterior of your home. This protects your home against damage from mold and mildew and eventual wood rot.


Insultex House Wrap is constructed from a tear resistant Claf (high-performance non-woven polymeric material) material. Insultex has a reputation for extreme durability. This closed-cell foam composite protects against even the most powerful wind, resisting shredding at high speeds. The insulation underneath the siding is just as important to protecting a home as its siding. Insultex protects against air infiltration while retaining permeability. Naturally occurring moisture in the air is able to escape, cutting down on condensation which can lead to serious problems. This protects both a home’s interior walls and its siding.


Insultex House Wrap Allows for light to pass through.


See Insultex House Wrap® in Action

The lower roof is the addition to the home. R-3 Insultex House Wrap was applied. Very little heat escapes from the home. Insultex House Wrap was not applied to the top roof.


We back up our claims
with testing data

Insultex House Wraps works. Here’s the proof:

See for yourself with our different verified testing data

For questions about our testing data, email us.
Tortuous Path

Insultex consists of a three-dimensional network of a countless number of evacuated cells, which impacts the conduction of thermal energy.

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Testing Apparatus

The Testing Apparatus was manufactured to perform to an accreditation agency-approved modified ASTM-C518 protocol.

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Evacuated Cells

The ultimate insulator is a vacuum – Insultex has incorporated proven vacuum technology. Insultex is made up of closed EVACUATED CELLS which makes it INSULATIVE.

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R-6 Test Results

The R-6 Test Results were performed by an INDEPENDENT ACCREDITED LABORATORY that, through extensive testing, tested Insultex House Wrap for INSULATION VALUE. (R-Value)

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The R- value results represent the product sample itself. The referenced ¾” air gaps of the modified ASTM C518- 10 test method are not a contributing factor of the material’s performance.

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 Recently, we experienced a hailstorm that required the complete re-siding of our home. At that time we decided to use Insultex House Wrap because of its R-3 value rating. Since its installation, we have seen a reduction in heating and air conditioning costs and believe the wrap also has reduced the annoyance of outside noise.
Thank you Innovative Designs, Inc.

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New building codes were going to cause me to have to redesign the way I build. Using Insultex House Wrap® now allows me to meet required insulation values by simply applying the house wrap.

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 The energy savings that my customers will realize has made it their preferred insulated house wrap, hands down!

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 As a home builder, I need to add a water vapor barrier to protect my structures. It’s a no-brainer to add an R-Value in the same process.

Insultex house wrap - logo

 As a home builder, I need to add a water vapor barrier to protect my structures. It’s a no-brainer to add an R-Value in the same process.

Insultex house wrap - logo

 I am a building contractor, and I wanted to comment on the quality of your Insultex house wrap. Recently, a customer requested that I install your product on their home. I was very impressed that your product was lightweight, pliable, water-resistant, easy to install, and in addition had an R-3 value. I will use Insultex in the future.