Insultex House Wrap®

House Wrap and Insulation Wrapped Into One

The Thinnest Insulated House Wrap with an R-Value

Insultex House Wrap® is
Water Resistant, Air Resistant & UV Resistant

Insultex House Wrap® protective layer is an evacuated cell polyethylene composite with superior drainage and R-Value. This certified product meets or exceeds the competition in air and water resistance moisture vapor permeability and durability.

Insultex House Wrap Home Insulation

Insultex House Wrap® can be applied behind any exterior cladding for commercial and residental construction.

Including: EIFS & Stucco, Cement, Hardboard, Vinyl, Wood Sidings, Brick, and Stone Veneer.

  • R-6 Value Insulation

    Thermal resistance for easier controlled internal temperature

  • Easy Installation

    Bends around corners and uneven surfaces, cuts easily and is lightweight for fast, efficient installation

  • Superior Drainage

    Sheds bulk water with an integrated drainage system

Why Choose Insultex House Wrap®?

Why Choose Us?

Insultex House Wrap® is made from Insultex™. Insultex™ is the high performance alternative to other insulating products. Being pliable, thin, waterproof, and warm, manufacturers now choose to implement Insultex into their products because the insulation provides their products with the high performance without the bulk. Manufacturers may laminate, perforate, and sew Insultex™, making it an extremely versatile material.

R-Value Tested

All testing has been conducted in an independent certified laboratory using a modified C-518 protocol.

Water & Air Resistant

Protects the structure from water damage and wind intrusion.

UV Resistant

Insultex House Wrap is not affected by the sun's UV rays.

Moisture Vapor Permeability

Insultex House Wrap is protective but breathable.


Insultex House Wrap is constructed from a tear resistant Claf material.


Insultex House Wrap Allows for light to pass through.

The Proof

See Insultex House Wrap® in Action

The lower roof is the addition to the home. R-3 Insultex House Wrap was applied. Very little heat escapes from the home. Insultex House Wrap was not applied to the top roof.

Insultex House Wrap
Insultex House Wrap
Insultex House Wrap

Testing information

We back up our claims
with testing data

Insultex House Wraps works. Here's the proof:

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  • Tortuous Path

    Insultex is a three-dimensional substance consisting of millions of evacuated cells, which produces millions of dead-ends impacting the conduction of thermal energy.
    [Read More]

  • Testing Apparatus

    The Testing Apparatus is an ASTM-C518-Modified. The Apparatus is MODIFIED to the ASTM protocol.
    [Read More]

  • Evacuated Cells

    The ultimate insulator is a vacuum - Insultex has proven vacuum technology. Insultex is made up of closed EVACUATED CELLS which makes it INSULATIVE.
    [Read More]

  • R-6 Test Results

    The R-6 Test Results are performed by an INDEPENDENT CERTIFIED LABORATORY that tested Insultex House Wrap for INSULATION VALUE.
    [Read More]

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Insultex House Wrap Testing Information