Testing Information: Tortuous Path

Tortuous Path
Insultex consists of a three-dimensional network of a countless number of evacuated cells, which impacts the conduction of thermal energy. The result of these countless number of evacuated cells is the creation and enforcement of a thermal energy tortuous path within the Insultex. The definition of tortuous is "full of twists, turns, or bends; twisting, winding, or crooked." This three-dimensional tortuous path of thermal energy transport leads to a significant increase in the effective thickness of the Insultex, thus increasing the effective thermal energy transport route and therefore increasing the insulation effectiveness. The thin walls of the closed-cell foam provide the thermal energy transport route. Due to these thin walls traversing a three-dimensional tortuous path, the thermal energy transport (thermal conductivity) will be small, leading to a significantly measurable R-value. The evacuated cells prevent thermal energy transport through them, thus leading to thermal energy transport via the tortuous path.

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