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Insultex™ House Wrap... The Future of Home Weatherization!

Lindus Construction is proud to announce our partnership with Insultex™ House Wrap®. We are now the exclusive distributor in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa & North Dakota. Our C.O. O. Andy Lindus believes that Insultex™ House Wrap® will allow us to continue revolutionizing our industry meeting the new standards for side wall laws. [Read Entire Article]

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  • Tortuous Path

    Insultex is a three-dimensional substance consisting of millions of evacuated cells, which produces millions of dead-ends impacting the conduction of thermal energy.
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  • Testing Apparatus

    The Testing Apparatus is an ASTM-C518-Modified. The Apparatus is MODIFIED to the ASTM protocol.
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  • Evacuated Cells

    The ultimate insulator is a vacuum - Insultex has proven vacuum technology. Insultex is made up of closed EVACUATED CELLS which makes it INSULATIVE.
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  • R-6 Test Results

    The R-6 Test Results are performed by an INDEPENDENT CERTIFIED LABORATORY that tested Insultex House Wrap for INSULATION VALUE.
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