About Insultex House Wrap

Insultex House Wrap® is
Water Resistant, Air Resistant & UV Resistant

Insultex House Wrap® is a unique product, as it provides two valuable enhancements to any structure. Insultex House Wrap® is comprised of two components. The first being the outer layer, which is a cross laminated polyolefin open mesh nonwoven. It offers the following benefits:

  • High tear resistance.

  • Increased burst strength.

  • Breathability.

  • Drainage properties.

  • Low elongation.

  • Excellent dimensional stability.

This first component of Insultex House Wrap® provides the water vapor barrier between the outer harsh weather conditions and the interior. It is a thin layer with the ability to protect the wall structure. It is able to provide practical answers to tough challenges in the construction industry worldwide. Construction material manufacturers use this fabric as reinforcement in a variety of construction-related products, such as roofing composites and radiant barriers.

The second and key component to Insultex House Wrap® is our proprietary insulation Insultex™. By adhering a 1mm layer of Insultex™ to the above-mentioned open mesh nonwoven, the result is a house wrap with an R-Value of 6.

Skeptics have repeatedly challenged our R-6 claim as being impossible to achieve with something that thin. The science behind our product has been proven multiple times using different testing methods. One of which was to identify the structure of Insultex™. It is comprised of countless evacuated cells which create a tortuous path. (Definition of tortuous: marked by repeated twists, bends, or turns : winding a tortuous path).

Insultex House Wrap® testing was/is conducted using a ASTM C-518 Modified test. This test is most commonly used to derive an accurate measurement of how effective insulation is. The ASTM C-518 Modified test can generate an R-Value (thermal resistance). With these measurements, you can demonstrate that a particular material meets federal regulations for insulation materials, as well as show customers how a certain material may be superior to others as insulation.

Contractors & builders who use Insultex House Wrap® have the ability to not only add a water vapor barrier but add an additional R-6 to a structure. All of this is accomplished by applying Insultex House Wrap® the same way other house wraps are attached. Siding contractors can now offer their customers additional R-Value by simply applying Insultex House Wrap® to the existing structure. Builders who have to meet more stringent R-Value requirements can simply add Insultex House Wrap® to their wall structure and immediately add an additional R-6.

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